Blue Wave Stable Trail Riding


 Blue Wave Stable is situated on 120 acres of rolling pastures and forests with hand cut trails through out.  We offer guided trails only on Saturdays.  Trail rides are a nice leisurely walk through hand cut trails.  The trail ride total experience lasts about an hour give or take and includes, saddle fitting, arena warm-up, 1.5 miles walked through wooded trails, pictures in the arena and dismount.  Guests are welcome to pet and take as many pictures of the horses before or after dismount.  We have treats you can give your horse or if you bring a carrot or apple for your horse, I am sure they would appreciate it.  Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they want as long as they are respectful of the next trail ride scheduled. 


The price for a trail ride with a reservation is $45.  That price includes the $5 non-refundable reservation fee a rider.  If you show up without a reservation the price is $50 a rider.  We will take your credit card at time of reservation and you will be charged a $5 per person non-refundable reservation fee. That fee will be added back into the total of each individual rider.    I wish I did not have to have a reservation fee, but folks are so willing to make a reservation and then not show up.  We are a small business and cannot afford this type of inconsideration.   The reservation is a fee for each individual rider.  The fact is I can only take out about 8 riders per guided ride.  When people over book or do not show up,  their is no way for me to make that up. That said, if a party does show up with an extra rider the reservation fee will be added at the time of trail ride payment.   In other words the total trail ride fee is $45 with a reservation or $50 without a reservation when you include the reservation fee. 


From Sept 15th-June 15th our Guided Trail ride hours are 11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm

From June 15th-Sept 15th our Guided Trail ride hours are 5:45pm & 7pm


To make a reservation I need the approximate Height and Weight of each rider.  Horses are tacked up with their individually fitted equipment.  When you make a reservation I have to match up the available horse’s saddle size with the each rider.  I have a couple of really big horses and then some medium size horses and then some pony size horses.  So making reservations is a little complicated.  The maximum Body Weight Index I accept is 30 and the maximum weight is 250lbs. 

Saddle fit is very important factor in keeping a horse healthy.  If someone is to big for a saddle then the saddle can bridge pushing down on the horse spine which can cause significant long term damage.   Please understand that my horses health and happiness are my main concern.  You will find them very well fed and happy four legged employee’s.  They are dearly loved and return that affection.  I truly want to keep it that way.  


Some typical questions I am asked regarding trail riding.

  1. What should I wear?   Comfortable  shirt, stretchy pants, long socks, boots or sneakers and a helmet or a hat. 
  2. Do I have to wear a helmet?   Riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet. 
  3. Do you have helmets available?  Yes also please be sure to pull down pony tails or hair barrettes as they interfere with a good helmet fit. 
  4. Can I bring my own bicycle helmet?  Yes as long as it is a good quality, well fitting helmet. 
  5. If I am over 18 can I wear a ball cap or other type of hat? Actually I recommend wearing a helmet but if not wearing a hat is a good idea too.
  6. Do I have to sign a liability waiver?  All riders 18 and over must sign the Blue Wave Stable  liability waiver that we have at the barn.  Those under 18 must have their guardian or parent sign for them.  The liability waiver in general states; You understand riding horses is dangerous and you will not sue Blue Wave Stable for any reason. 
  7. Is there a place for my non-riding friends to wait while I am riding?  Yes, we have a set table and cushioned chairs that over look the horse pastures.  It is under a big tree that provides a significant amount of shade.  It is very comfortable and we welcome our guest to sit an wait or feel free to visit the remaining horses in the barn.  
  8. Is there a bathroom at the barn? Yes
  9.  Do you have a age requirement?  Yes Riders who go on trail rides must be 4 or older. 
  10. Do you have pony rides for riders under 4?:  Yes at 11am Sept15-June 15 we offer arena pony rides for $25.  We walk the little tots around our arena or barn 4 times.  Reservations are required. 
  11. Do you allow riding doubles?  No It is very uncomfortable for the horse as the second person is sitting on their kidneys in a place where the ribcage and bone structure cannot protect the horse. 
  12. What type of horses do you have?  Blue Wave Stable has many different breeds including, Paints, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, Percheron, Appaloosa’s, Arabian mix, Welsh Pony, Miniature Horse and more.    
  13. If I am very inexperienced will their be someone to help?  Yes we provide ground escorts with most riders as the majority of riders are inexperienced.  
  14. Do I have to have a ground escort?  Absolutely NO.  If you are an experienced rider that has had lessons or has owned horses in the past than no escort is required.  Just let us know so that we can make sure that no escort is assigned. 
  15. Should I tip the wranglers?  Wranglers really appreciate the tips.  We put them in a general fund and when we reach enough to give all the girls $20 each we hand it out that way.  That includes tips that are put on credit cards as well.  Tips are greatly appreciated and the ground escorts work very hard every Saturday.  Thank you in advance if you do tip them.  I appreciate it too!
  16. What is the best way to reach you to make a reservation? The best way to make a reservation is to text 704-847-3424.  To make a reservation I need the reservation name, appx height & weight of each rider and Saturday Date you want to ride.  I will text you back and make the reservations.