Horseback Riding Lessons


Blue Wave Stable offers  English Pleasure horseback riding lessons for children and adults.  Our niche is what I call “riding to own”.  I want to teach students not only how to ride correctly, but also everything that is involved in horse care including tack care, as well as equine medical, dental and hoof healthcare.  This is why our lessons take close to 2 hours as we cover grooming, tacking up and off and riding.  On rain days we teach health care, nutrition and other horse related care subjects.  It is a rare day that I cancel lessons. 

I have a training system that I follow.  We focus on riding and horse care fundamentals. The basic outline of our classes looks like this: Arrival time 30 minutes before entering arena. This time is used to tack up horse.  We have an inside instructor to help. Arena time is what we refer to as  “lesson time”.  If your lesson is at 5:30 you arrive at 5pm to tack up.  Arena time starts off with walking the horses in both directions in the arena, girth tighten, stirrup leathers adjusted and mounting.  There is then a rider/horse warm up period where students do set exercises to help both stretch and warm-up.  After warm up we have a period of balance, strengthening and control exercises.  We then have a skills exercises and then I try to end with some fun exercises before final stretching and dismount. Riders then dismount, take the horse into the barn, untack and groom down and ultimately put the horse back into the pasture.  Total time at the stable is about 2 hours.  Total arena riding time is about a hour.

Adult lessons are similar to children lessons only we move at slower pace in terms of skills and balance training.  The experienced adults typically hack after they have gotten thru the warm up exercises.  We set up course work and adults get individual lessons and then go off and work on their own skills.  That way each adult has it’s own personal riding experience.

Riding is a very core taxing sport.  It takes time, effort, patience and regular participation.  It is a sport that takes a life time to achieve personal success.  Therefore the goal is to enjoy the minor progress you make every ride.  The best thing about riding truly is building a close bond with your horse.  There is nothing else like a great relationship with these big loveable, intelligent kind horses.  They are the cure to depression and stress.  School horse are particularly God’s gift to every student who has ever wanted to ride.  They are so patient and all they ask in return is to be cared for and loved.  They know they are teaching us humans and they are so good about it.  I have such respect for my school horses.  I know you will love them too.

Student Lesson Time

  1. Lessons are in the evenings Mon-Thur
  2. Beginners arrive at 5pm, Arena Ride 5:30pm-6:30pm pick up 6:45pm
  3. Intermediate arrive at 6pm, Arena Ride 6:30-7:30pm pick up 7:45pm
  4. Adv & Adults arrive at 7pm, Arena Ride 7:30m-8;30pm pick up 9pm.
  5. Adult Lessons on Tues & Weds 7pm arrival
  6. Adv riders Mon, Thur 7pm arrival 9pm pick-up.

Pricing Information

We have two payment options.  I do not mix or match.  It is either one or the other.

First Option is pay as you go at $60 a lesson.  Pay with a check or cash every lesson. 

Second Option is a discount to promote attendance.  To achieve the discount you have to prepay at the beginning of every month.  The price is $180 for a 4 week month or $225 for a 5 week month.  We do not do make up’s.  This discount is to promote attendance.   If it rains we have lessons inside barn.  This discounted tuition is a use it or lose offering.  The discount represents $15 off each lesson if you do the math.  If you are going to miss more than 2 lessons than you are better off paying buy the lesson.  


To pay for lessons I  accept cash or check to be dropped off in the drop box at the barn entrance on the right.  A liability waiver must be signed at the time of first lesson. 


To sign up for lessons please text Blue Wave Stable at 704-847-3424 with 

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Height and Weight
  3. Student Experience Level 
  4. Days Mon-Thur Students are available
    1. Please remember all beginners are arrive at 5pm.  
    2. Intermediate arrive at 6pm
    3. Advanced arrive at 7pm.
  5. Adults lessons arrive 7pm on Tues or Wed.