Birthday Parties


At Blue Wave Stable all parties are held under a huge shade tree that over looks green horse pastures.  Amazingly, even during the hottest day, the shade under that tree seemingly makes it very pleasant. During the winter or cooler days if there is not a breeze we also have a fire pit that can be lit to keep the area warm. This area has a round table with cushioned chairs, a bench with a cushion and a couple of lounge chairs.  We also can provide a second table for either food or gifts.  We have on site a full refrigerator/freezer.  We also have a bathroom with hot and cold water.  Those amenities are available with all parties.  Folks are welcome to bring their own refreshments and pizza does deliver to our barn.  All parties are planned to be 2 hours in length.  The first hour is riding the horses and the second hour spent eating food or any games you want to bring to the party area.  Prices only include riding guests.  Other guests invited are welcome to visit at no charge.  (No Balloons….as the horses are really scared of them…they are convinced balloon’s are horse eating monsters!)


Blue Wave Stable takes a customized approach to parties.  Most adult gatherings are handled as we handle trail rides. (See Trail Riding Page For Pricing and Information.)  The difference is the guests that are not trail riding are at no additional charge and are available to wait in the lounge area.  The party gets an additional hour after riding to have their birthday cake and celebration.  

Adolescent’s party package:  A party of 6-8 riders .  This would still be a trail ride but it would shorter than the regular trail ride package.  The price is $40 a rider with a minimum of 6. We still take kids out on a trail ride.   We still include pictures and they go on a trail ride, it is just a bit shorter and a bit more cost effective.  This is great for the kid that wants to invite friends over to go trail riding….but mom has a budget.   Total party time is still 2 hours but total saddle time is 30 minutes.  This  leaves plenty of time to order pizza and have cake and ice-cream if you want too.  

Children’s Party: 10 rider minimum.   This is your classic pony ride type of birthday party.  We put together several of our horses and walk them around the arena a few times per child.  The total horse time is hour per party plus an hour to celebrate.  The price is $30 a rider minimum 10 riders.  More than 20 riders price drops to $25 a rider. 

Face painting available $5.00 a person. 

Unicorn Horse Party….We have one white pony that we can dress up as a unicorn.   (Pony can only handle a   maximum of 100lbs. )